Cashback 2.0

How to increase your sales and customer loyalty

Common brand promotion problems

  • Brands depend on retailer’s sales strategy
  • Intense brand competition with retailer’s own brands
  • Large, ineffective promotion and advertising costs
  • Lack of direct connection with the end consumer


Personalised sales approach

  • Increase frequency of sales & improve average sales value
  • Increase customer loyalty, engagement and brand trust
  • Provide tailored offers to each individual customer. Advanced analytics in your personal account.
  • Utilise machine-learning insights to build a promotion strategy
  • Complete marketing approach across Special Offers, Stories, Pushes and other notifications


Real customer results

  • Get large and loyal audience of 10 mln people engaged
  • Boost your brand's loyalty and NPS score
  • 23% increase in sales
  • 30% uplift in purchase frequency and cart value

Cashback 2.0 Benefits

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