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Founded in 2013, CASHOFF is a fintech company with it’s HQ in London, a strategic centre and development hub in Hong Kong and Moscow respectively.
We have successfully helped 50+ banks and brands worldwide, servicing more than 2m banking customers.
You can find CASHOFF at innovation centres such Level 39 London, Cyberport Hong Kong and Skolkovo Moscow.
Deloitte list CASHOFF as a Top 10 Fintech Company and in 2019 we were awarded by KPMG and Global Banking & Finance Awards. Silicon Reviews named us as one of the 30 Best Asian IT Companies.

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Data Aggregation

Data Aggregation helps collect and process customers data for their income and expenses from different banks, loyalty programs and utility bills

How to get a competitive edge in financial services?

  • The financial industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Get an edge you need to utilise data to make better, faster decisions
  • The bank needs to offer the right product, to the right individual, at the right time
  • Data aggregation maximizes both the accuracy and speed of getting, processing and analysing customers’ financial data
  • Allowing banks to increase cross-selling opportunities by quick decision making to specific customer targets


Get the complete customer financial position

Statement Information

Find out the exact financial position of each customer.  

Access their current balance from their bank accounts and offer customised products.


Accessing your customer's financial health is not difficult once you can get the list of their incoming and outgoing transactions.

Fraud Control

Verify your customer’s ID online instantly.

Extract first and second names, date of birth, national ID numbers from their online banking profiles.

Data Aggregation Benefits

Accurate Data

Enrich customer income, expense and transactional data

Quick Loan Decisions

Make better, faster and well-informed loan decisions

Easy Switch

Allow customers to migrate during their banking switch all account details and payment templates


Improve lending decisions and customer engagement, whilst increasing sales

Convenient lending application

Become your customers preferred financial services provider by offering a smooth customer journey.

Fast, accurate decisions

Replace slow, manual underwriting by quick digital processes. 

Use accurate data to make faster decisions.

Allowing your teams to focus on communication with the client to improve their experience.

Improve conversion

Offering the right product, to the right individual, at the right time, increases conversion rates. 

Tailored customer targeting also lowers marketing costs and effort.

Leading to higher cross sales - with increased customer brand satisfaction.

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