A smart financial assistant that takes care of your finances

Tailored Smart Advice

Based on your transaction and receipt data, the algorithm helps cut down expenses, plan your spending, analyse prices across supermarkets, as well as track grace periods of your credit cards.

Reminders of your regular outgoings and loan repayments

A monthly budget calendar: stay on top of your rent invoices or mortgage payments, utility bills, subscriptions as well as bank fees.

Put your finances in order

The algorithm analyses and tames your spending. It will suggest a budget for major purchases and warn you if you are going to overspend.

Goal Achievement

Yepy develops a flexible plan for achieving your financial goal. It could be a car or a trip or your first house loan instalment.

Yepy innovative solutions

Yepy is a good mix of all innovative solutions by CASHOFF inside the end-user mobile application.

Data Aggregation

Total balance across all accounts in one place


Expense categorization, merchant identification, cashflow

Loyalty Technologies

Item-based cashback


Yepy Advantages

  • Smart Advice built on your financial habits
  • Cashback for groceries – earn as you buy your regular grocery items
  • Price comparison – so you always pay the lowest price

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