Stories: a new module of CASHOFF’s updated PFM

CASHOFF’s Data Analytics is an intelligent system for financial analysis of the customer’s financial flows that can be integrated into any remote banking system to expand its functionality.  

PFM modules are integral parts to our service. The personal finance system ensures the bank customers manage their assets more reasonably and offers better financial understanding. We have spent the last year overhauling the entire PFM and have come up with a more advanced, convenient and self-explanatory solution. The improvements paved the way to CASHOFF being selected into the HSBC and HKSTP API EcoBooster accelerator.  

Also,  Data Analytics has got a new Smart Advice module. The module works inside Stories, which enables the bank to communicate with their customer in a condensed manner. Stories can exhibit illustrative expense reports, offer useful advice, entertain and discreetly show tailored bank offers of product signups.  

CASHOFF’s Smart Advice will be soon launched at Novikom and SBI banks. 

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